33 Actionable Wedding Marketing Tips Before, During & After The Big Day

Boost your sales with these wedding marketing tips. Essential things you should be doing before, on and after the wedding day.

I know you're busy, but I don't care! Everyone else is busy too!

If you want to make a success of your business you need to put in the hours. The graft.

Don't know where to start?

I've put together a list of marketing ideas for wedding professionals like you.

They might not all apply to you. And you probably won't have time to do them all.

Pick some and try them. Just do SOMETHING! Take action...NOW!


1. Show appreciation

They've chosen YOU! Send a card/welcome pack/gift to the couple to say thanks for booking you.

2. Meet the couple face-to-face

If the only time you've met the engaged couple was last year at the wedding show when they booked you, then make an effort to meet the couple face-to-face closer to the wedding day.

3. Be available

Provide the couple with your mobile phone number, WhatsApp, email address, social profiles etc etc so they can get hold of you whenever they need you.

4. Reply quickly!

Pick up the phone. Answer your emails. Reply to WhatsApps and social media DMs. Answer couple's enquiries ASAP but ideally within 24 hours.

5. Be proactive.

The closer it gets to the wedding day, the more stressed a couple will be.  You can help alleviate that stress by being proactive. Pre-empt a couple's questions and send useful communications so they know you're on the ball. A simple "I can't wait for your special day next week" message will go a long way to easing the couple's pre-wedding jitters.

6. Visit the venue

Plan a visit to the venue particularly if you're a photographer or videographer. Scout for the best locations to shoot the couple. Take notes. Ask questions.

7. Ensure you have the couple's contact details

Including a home address so you can send them a note after the wedding. Make sure you have emails and numbers for key members of the wedding party so you can always get hold of someone.


8. Have business cards available

Carry business cards with you. Hand them out if appropriate. Leave some somewhere suitable at the venue. Make sure they contain contact details and the URL to your website where friends/family of the newly weds can view your work.

9. Schmooz with the venue management

Be friendly. Be respectful. Get in their good books. Ask if you can be included in their recommended supplier list.

10. Bring along some promotional materials

Business cards, leaflets, brochures, samples. It's always good to have some with you in case one of the wedding guests wants more information.

11. The customer is always right

Especially a Bridezilla! Use common sense. If something goes wrong try your hardest to make it right. Even if you can't make it right, at least the couple will see you've tried.

12. Be on top of your game

You never know who is watching...maybe a future client or business partner. Make sure you're producing your best work. EVERY time. Don't lose focus.

13. Network during down times

Taking a break? Have a chat with other suppliers at the wedding. Exchange stories, ideas, social profiles and business cards. Make friends. Make contacts. Have fun.

14. Record testimonials in video format

You don't need to be a video professional to do this. Whip out your phone and record the bride and groom saying what an awesome day they've had and how awesome your flowers/car/band/photos/venue/dress/cake is. These short videos are powerful social proof which you can post on social media and on your website.

15. Take photos

Again, you don't need to be a professional photographer. Learn the basics of taking good photos with your smartphone and take some snaps of the day including your products/services. Ask permission before posting them anywhere!

16. Record audio

More valuable free content! Record snippets of audio on your phone...testimonials from the bride and groom, interviews with the guests, interview other suppliers. Use it for your podcast (you do have a podcast don't you?), your blog, social etc.


17. Post a hand-written note to the newly weds

Say congratulations. Say thank you. Say the bride looked stunning. Tell the couple what an awesome day it was and how much fun you had. Make them feel special.

18. Send a gift

Show them you really value their custom. They will be more likely to reciprocate with positive reviews and recommendations to their friends and family.

19. Send merch

Branded pens, stickers, magnets, postcards, sweets etc etc. The couple can share them with friends and fam to spread the word. Make sure you include a URL somewhere.

20. Request reviews

Send an email asking the couple to review you. Be very specific about where you'd like the review (FB, Google Maps, TrustPilot, Feefo etc). Provide a link to the exact page they need to visit. Provide clear instructions. Make it as easy as possible for them to leave one.

21. Request testimonials

As well as reviews, request a testimonial that you can add to your own website. You can pick out quotes from this and use them on social media, in email signatures, brochures and other marketing materials.

22. Get hold of the photos

Ask/beg the couple and photographer for permission to use any relevant official photos for your own marketing. This is free content for your arsenal of marketing fodder so make the most of it.

23. Write a blog post

Write a post on your blog including all the media you've collected on the day...your own photos, official photos, audio, video, testimonials etc The more weddings you blog about the more potential customers will see you as a trustworthy and desirable wedding supplier.

24. Get hold of the photos

Ask/beg the couple and photographer for permission to use any relevant official photos for your own marketing. This is free content for your arsenal of marketing fodder so make the most of it.

25. Feature the wedding in a magazine

If you have good quality photography, approach a magazine and see if they'll feature your cake/flowers/photos etc.

26. Feature the wedding on a blog

Reach out to wedding bloggers and see if they'll blog or share your wedding. This is particularly relevant if you're a wedding photographer.

27. Reach out to the other wedding professionals

Send an email or DM to the other wedding professionals to say "thanks", "nice to meet you", "see you soon", "you rocked", "your cake looked awesome", "your catering was incredible" etc etc etc Ask them to follow you on social media.

28. Add the couple to your calendar/email list for their anniversary

This way you can send them a card/gift for their 1st anniversary. You can also update your Facebook/Insta with a post and tag the couple.

29. Add the couple to your newsletter list

Send updates about your business. Send new weddings you've worked on. Share interesting articles. This is especially relevant if your company lends itself to repeat future business e.g. wedding cakes -> birthday cakes, photographer -> baby photos etc.

30. Add the couple to your holiday card list

Send the couple Christmas cards. Easter cards etc

31. Send sneak-peeks

If you're a wedding photographer or videographer, send the couple some preview shots or a trailer to get them excited. Ask them to share it on social and build some buzz.

32. Encourage social sharing

Ask the couple (nicely) to share the wedding on their social media profiles. Ask them to tag you and watch as the post goes viral amongst their friends and you get exposure to 100s of new faces for free.

33. Initiate your referral system

Offer something in return for people who recommend you to their friends. A bottle of champers, chocolates, a discount off a future booking etc

I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope it provided some value.

Do you have any tips you'd like to share? Do you have a question about any of the above? Have you found any of these tips to particularly useful/useless?

Let me know in the comments below.