About Us

Christian @ UKWED

Hi, my name is Christian.

Welcome to this rather relaxed and laid back corner of the internet where I write about wedding marketing and also try to offer unique insights on the UK wedding industry.

My background is SEO, online marketing and web development, which I’ve been doing for over 15 years now. I currently head up the e-commerce side of things for an online travel agent and previously for one of the biggest online wedding ring sites in the UK. Before that, I helped build the Costa Coffee website and a number of other sites and assets as part of my senior role at a digital agency in Brighton.

Throughout this time I ran an online wedding directory called Easy Wedding Search which later became ukwed.com.

Since launching Easy Wedding Search in 2006 I’ve been fascinated by the UK wedding industry. Observing from a distance, I’ve witnessed how the industry has matured and embraced (or sometimes not embraced) the online world and the new technologies that come with it.

Although I have no idea about the latest bridal fashions or which flowers are on trend, I really understand the digital wedding landscape. This site/blog/platform is my outlet for sharing my knowledge and experience in this industry.

I hope it educates, fascinates, entertains and somehow helps wedding professionals in the UK trying to navigate this crowded but incredible industry.

Here’s to you guys, the wedding pros…the people that make this industry awesome. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy this site. Please do leave any feedback or even just say hello by getting in touch.